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Keynote speaker #1

Resilient Corporate Leadership through Developing Strong Teams

With over 40 years of experience in coaching and leadership development, Merlin Atkinson will share insights into resilient corporate leadership. Explore the importance of cultivating strong teams, fostering collaboration, and embracing change for navigating dynamic business environments. Merlin will provide valuable perspectives on strategically developing robust teams and their pivotal role in achieving sustained success. Join us for an informative session with this seasoned expert as we delve into the practical aspects of resilient corporate leadership.

Marilyn Atkinson,
Founder & President of Erickson Coaching International

Workshop – Block #1

Assess for Success: Create a Winning Team

A workshop exploring how to create a winning team using highly-valid predictions of performance. We’ll dive deeper into how behavioural preferences influence interactions between team members and ultimately drive success. We will cover tips and advice on how to provide valuable coaching at a group level to improve team cohesiveness and overall performance.

Nikki Holland,
Global Partner Growth Lead at Saville Assessment

Harmony in u/we Coaching: Individual vs. Team

The aim of this workshop is to give you a deep understanding of the concept of u/we coaching and allow you to consider how this approach can be crucial for your personal or team development. We will talk about the differences between individual and team coaching and how to achieve harmony between your personal goals and the goals of your team. Practical skills and techniques for applying these concepts, as well as planning actions to apply what you have learned in your personal or professional environment are some of the skills you will have the opportunity to develop in this workshop.

Andrija Gerić,
Executive Coach and Executive HR at Typhoon HIL Inc.

Selling coaching services in 2024.

Explore a client-centered approach to selling coaching services in today’s dynamic landscape. Dive deep into the needs and aspirations of the 2024 client, craft a tailored client journey, and harness technology for impactful connections. This session will shed light on collecting feedback and constantly adapting, offering actionable tips for ICF coaches aiming to serve, rather than just sell. Join us to evolve your approach and truly resonate with potential clients.

Mario Krivokapić,
Sales / Executive Coach and Fractional CRO

Keynote speaker #2

PCM, the ultimate tool for Team cohesion

Mickael will present different ways of using pcm for team building exeriences. Process Communication Model is the ultimate tool to bring awareness on each other.  The power of the PCM Profile to know ourselves better, undertand others better, build trust, manage intreactions among team member, And have a clear vision on how distress works so we may identify thin signals when micommunication occurs.

Mickaël Dufourneaud,
Chief Master Trainers Pcm

Workshop – Block #2

What psychological games does your team play?

Psychological games are dysfunctional patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior that we repeat through contacts to confirm an irrational belief about ourselves or the world. They are unpleasant, they do not lead to a solution, we feel bad but we still do them. Like any game, this one has to take place on a playground. There are many playgrounds for psychological games, and the business environment and teamwork are among the more common. In this workshop, you will learn about common psychological games and ways to overcome them in your teams.

Uroš Mitić,
Psychologist, psychotherapist, HR consultant at Balance Consulting

Authentic Leadership & Team Spirit

In this workshop we will explore how authentic leaders enhance team spirit. We will dive into principles of authentic leadership and how they contribute to developing high performing teams with strong sense of purpose.

Mia Popić,
Coaching psychologist and CEO of Sinergija Centar

A tool for successful “juggling” with 8 balls in team coaching

If your job is to improve team effectiveness… if you want to help the team address a specific long-term challenge in business and functioning… If you want to be structured and efficient in assessing what the team needs to enhance… – would it be beneficial for you to receive a tool, complete with questions, that will guide you step by step in team coaching of this kind?

Through this workshop, you will connect key factors for team success: clarity of mission and strategic plan, the significance of communication, both in terms of open dialogue and meetings and spaces for communication, then a culture of trust, the habit of making decisions collectively and committing, as well as responsibly implementing the agreed plan, and finally, mutual support and exerting a positive influence.

Marija Pavić,
CEO at H.art, leadership and HR consultant, psychologist, ICF PCC


Stanka Pejanović

Vice President of Hisense International Co.

Ricardo Marques

CEO at Galenika A.D.

Kai Dieckmann

General Manager at Regent Porto Montenegro

Diana Gligorijević

Co-founder at TeleGroup Ltd


Workshop – Block #3

A Journey with Oxygen Experience

Join Grant and Reece in a powerful workshop that combines the transformative elements of breathwork, soundscapes, and coaching. Explore the synergy between these practices as you break free from limitations, tap into your inner potential, and create a new narrative for your life. This collaborative session promises to leave you feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to embrace positive change.

Grant Samson,
Breathwork & Coldwater Coach

Reece Strathearn,
Breathwork & Coldwater Coach

Business Theatre – Body poetics, our creativity and our connections

We will exploring the power of WE through Business Theatre techniques. We will evoke  theatre magic and explore how the stage and the scene can show us what we need to know about the business or life and not the opposite – we never use theatre to show or say something that we already know, but to ask questions and reveal layers of reality that are not possible to accces via any other methodology. We will explore body poetics and through humor, play and exciting energy theatre methods we will see how our bodies talk and how closely it is linked to our level of energy, our passion, quality of connection with other people and team creativity. We will test on the stage the phenomenon of “complicité”, organic connection between bodies in the same space and see what it says about solidarity and belonging. We also will create together, it is an experience that never should be reflected on, but it stays in us and can transform us in many nonlinear ways.

Marija Farmer,
Business Consultant, Theatre Director and Author of the Brand Business Theatre

Let’s Work Together – More hospitable conditions for LGBTQI+

Through interactive presentations, methodological games and dialogue, the participants acquire (or improves already existing) knowledge about the concept of human rights, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender norms, prejudices, stereotypes, discrimination, different types of violence, as well as ways to recognize and prevent violence. Also, the terminology used in working with sensitive groups is determined, in order to avoid the use of offensive words and expressions.

Vojkan Arsić,
Executive Director at Center E8

Keynote speaker #3

Success through the Power of Unity

As a co-founder of Salveo, I now understand that, much like a ‘moral architect,’ I create an environment where I live in harmony with my inner truth. In doing so, I become a beacon to others within the organization, inspiring them to unleash their best selves. Today, I can confidently say that in Salveo, we live Love. I understand that this word, and its meaning, may be greatly distorted, but Love, through respect, appreciation, and deep understanding of human beings, is fertile ground and a core value for us in Salveo. This is the story of how, at Salveo, we come together to achieve big dreams and create shared tales of success.

Mirna Radošević,
Chief Reinvention Officer, Salveo CEE



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